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A loan is a type of debt. Like all debt instruments, a loan entails the redistribution of financial assets over time, between the lender and the borrower.

Home Construction Loan

Home Construction Loan

Every person in his/her life has different dreams and they always strive hard to make their dreams possible in one or other ways. But a common dream which every person has is to build a dream house. Now arises a question that how to make it possible?

So, now it’s a time to give up your tensions and to know something very interesting which can make your dreams possible. i.e. home construction loan.

Meaning of home construction loan: Home construction loan are a loan used to make your dreams possible by making home improvements, new home construction or renovations. In this way, the construction loan is a good real estate investment leading to profits upon the future sale of the home. Real estate property value generally tends to rise over time.

Home construction loans have a concept of story loans. That means that the lender has to know the story behind the planned construction before they're willing to loan you money. Because as we know it’s a story loan, therefore it is not standardized like mortgage loan or any other loan.

Same as in other loan, home construction loan also have different interest rate depending upon the needs and situation. A home construction loan typically requires interest-only payments during construction and become due upon completion. Completion for homeowners means that the house has its certificate of occupancy. Your interest rate and period of loan totally depends on the stage of construction of a home.

As it is highly difficult to obtain home construction loan, therefore there are two ways of financing home construction loan.

Financing program of home construction loan: Lenders generally finance home construction loan in two ways:
• Two steps or prime based construction loan program.
• One step or lock and build program.

A short description of financing of home construction loan:
A two steps or prime based construction loan means that you use two loans, first a construction loan for the period of construction, and another is a permanent loan from another lender, which helps you to pay off the construction loan. Two steps construction loan means that you shop twice and incur two sets of closing costs. And one step or lock and build construction loan, means that home construction loan becomes permanent at the end of construction period which results in only one set of closing costs.

• Apartment construction loan
• Commercial construction loan
• Mezzaine loan
• New house construction loan
• Partly home construction loan

• Required to provide your plans, specifications and expenses in regard of your home construction.
• Prior to your disbursement of funds it is essential to provide a copy of building permit and hazard /builder risk insurance.
• Either a title company or settlement attorney will handle your disburesment fund.
• Through your construction process it is required to meet you draw scheduled.

As there are lots many option available for Home Construction Loan, so it’s a right time to contact with Home Construction Loan lender and make your dream possible very soon.


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